Ace - Age: 25

Former College football player
"I love salsa"

Alison - Age: 28

 Physician/Family Practitioner/former Playboy model
"Hi I'm Alison and I'm from Cookstown Pennsylvania."

Britt - Age: 26

"My name is Britt and I'm from New York, NY"

Carla - Age: 22

Bass player in rock band
"I'm a musician from Seattle Washington"

Charlie -Age: 29

Entertainment reporter
"I love water sports, the Island life and I'm one hell of an amateur cook!"

Dano - Age: 24

Professional motor cross racer
"I'm from Huntington Beach California and I like motor cross racing and bicycle motor cross"

Elizabeth - Age: 22

Real estate agent
"from sunny Miami Beach and I like it Hot!"

Evan - Age: 28 

"I'm an actor and a drummer."

Greg - Age: 29

Naval flight instructor
"I'm a flight instructor from Annapolis Maryland"

Heather - Age: 26

 Back up singer/dancer for Jimmy Buffett
"my name is Heather and I'm wherever you want me to be from"

Jim - Age 31

"I'm a struggling artist and an author"

Johnny - Age: 25

"I'm from Butte Colorado and I love the ocean"

Jon - 27

Social worker, special ed. teacher
"I'm originally from Portland but I think I'd rather have this as my home"

Keith - Age 26

Small business owner
"I love mountain climbing, biking, all kinds of water sports; so show me somethin' Wet and Wild!"

Lawonna - Age :25

Teen crisis counselor / former college track star
"I'm a mental health counselor"

Lisa - Age: 25

"hi ya'll, My name is Lisa and I'm from Alabama"

Lola - Age: 26

"I was just in Madonna's new video"

Maceo - Age: 29

Musician and son of former NFL great, Mercury Morris
"I'm a musician and producer"

Matt - Age: 29

Public relations manager
"from Santa Cruz, California but livin' in New York City."

Megan - Age: 25

Kindergarten teacher / former Laker girl
-- just gave her hometown---

Patti - Age: 25

Miss Georgia USA 2000
"Hi, my name is Patti and Ham's from Atlanta Georgia" 

Sean - Age: 23

"I'm a massage therapist"

Tom - Age: 27

 Ivy league graduate
"I'm the founder of an online dating service"

Vanessa - Age:  22

Cover girl for Perfect 10 Magazine
"My name is Vanessa and I'm from Dallas Texas"

Venus - Age: 28

3rd year medical resident and a tri-athlete
"born and reared in Kansas City"

Yvonne - Age: 26

Advertising executive
"I'm an aspiring entertainment reporter and VJ"